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"The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance is an £80 million initiative funded equally by The Wellcome Trust, UK and Department of Biotechnology, India. The broad aim of the India Alliance is to build excellence in the Indian biomedical scientific community by supporting future leaders in the field."

"The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance, a public charity funded by the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India and Wellcome Trust, UK, aims to build a strong biomedical research ecosystem in India that nurtures scientific talent and drives innovations to tackle health challenges. Follow India Alliance’s ten-year journey—Decade of Discovery—at the commemorative webpage."

Basic Biomedical Research Fellowships

Early Career Fellowships For postdoctoral scientists who wish to undertake high-quality research and establish themselves as independent researchers i...

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Clinical and Public Health Research Fellowships

The India Alliance established the Clinical and Public Health (CPH) Fellowships Programme in 2014. Applications for the CPH Fellowships are invited through a...

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Fellowship Deadlines

Senior Fellowships:

Launch date for next competition:22 January 2019:

Basic Biomedical Research Fellowships

Intermediate Fellowships:

Launch date for next competition:22 January 2019:

Basic Biomedical Research Fellowships

Early Career Fellowships:

Launch date for next competition:16 January 2019:

Clinical and Public Health Research Fellowships

Our Fellows

Dr Ashwini Hinge

I was always fascinated by science and it was an obvious decision to have career in this field. I did M.Sc. in Bioche...

Dr Subhasri Ghosh

As a graduate student in the laboratory of Prof Satyajit Mayor at the NCBS, I studied the actin driven active organiz...

Dr Deepa Subramanyam

National Centre for Cell Science, Pune ...

Dr R Mahalakshmi

  I had, as a child, aimed for the skies – my dream was to become a pilot in the Indian Air Force. A s...

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India-EU Research and Innovation - Towards A Next Generation Influenza Vaccine

The European Union (EU) and India have agreed on a flagship call topic for international cooperation on the next generation influenza vaccine aiming at advan..

Africa India Mobility Fund : Call for application

  The Africa-India Mobility Fund (AIMF) is a two-year programme designed to provide researchers from Africa and India with opportunities f..

Nature Careers India - Find the best scientific jobs and events across India

Our first regional career and event hub, Nature Careers India, launched in mid-April 2018 and we’re pleased to report that already an average of 2..

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Decade of Discovery : Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance
India Alliance Early Career Fellowship
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