About IASys


The India Alliance uses an new online grant application system called IASys (India Alliance System). For all competitions, both the Preliminary applications and Full applications must be submitted using this system. The system provides workflow to steer the application through the Lead Applicant and Sponsor/Fellowship Supervisor; in addition, it allows the lead applicant to add Collaborator(s), Mentor(s) and External Sponsor(s), as applicable.

Applicants for IA Fellowship must submit their applications via the IASys online system. If you have not applied for funding using IASys before, please refer to IASys user guide to understand the details (this will include your personal details, which will be downloaded onto future application forms). 

The benefits of our online application system IASys include:

• better functionality
• clear sign-off process through secondary applicants
• greater efficiency
• helping us to capture management information (useful for us and useful for you).

How to register

You can register with IASys through the log-in page. Further information, including a user guide are available after logging in.The user guides are also available here.


Frequently asked questions

See our list of FAQs for further help and information about IASys.


For more information, or any comments about IASys, please email the IASys helpdesk at grants@indiaalliance.org.
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