Application process

All schemes, require a preliminary application on the basis of which Full applications are invited. You are required to complete and submit a preliminary application through IASys by the published deadline. Refer to the IASys userguides for guidance on completing the application form and the submission process. Preliminary applications are evaluated to:

 1. Assess the eligibility of applicants and their research proposals
 2. Check that applicants are applying for the most appropriate scheme
 3. Advise on the competitiveness of the application in relation to others received in the cohort

Please ensure that you submit a complete preliminary application; the India Alliance is unwilling to take into account the delays that may be caused by an incomplete application.

Please note that if you are not invited to submit a full application in a round that you have applied to, you may re-apply to the same scheme, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria for the scheme.

Full applications are accepted by invitation only.

Full applications must be submitted using IASys, our online application system. The link to access the Full Application is provided in the email invitation

Applicants who have limited/unreliable access to the internet should email the Office in the first instance: [email protected]

Full applications require a synergistic interaction between all the individuals named on the application such as applicant, sponsor, research sponsor, fellowship supervisor, host institution administration etc., and it is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that it is submitted by the prescribed deadline. Late applications received due to delays caused between participants on an application will not be accepted.

However, resubmission after consideration of a full application is not permitted in any scheme. If the full application has been reviewed by the India Alliance’s Selection Committee, and it was unsuccessful at either the shortlisting or interview stage, the applicant may not re-apply to the same scheme. This implies that applicants would have only one opportunity to compete per scheme, once they are into the full application stage. Therefore, it is very important for applicants to carefully consider the timing of their application.

Please also note that one may not apply to a scheme that is junior to his/her first full application to the India Alliance. For example, if a full application for Senior Fellowship was considered in the past, irrespective of the decision at the shortlisting or interview stage, the Office will not consider a preliminary application for an Intermediate/Early Career Fellowship from the same applicant. If a full application for Intermediate Fellowship was considered in the past, irrespective of the decision at the shortlisting or interview stage, the Office will not consider a preliminary application for an Early Career Fellowship from the same applicant.

Full applications submitted to the India Alliance are peer reviewed by experts in the field of study detailed on the application. Based on their comments, and a global assessment of all applications received in the cohort, the Selection Committee short-lists applicants for an interview. All shortlisted applicants will be interviewed and based on assessments from reviewers, their performance at interview with the Committee and the competition within the cohort, the Selection Committee decides whether or not to fund the application.

Please note that the India Alliance Fellowships are fiercely competitive and at each step, from preliminary application to the interview, all applications are assessed in competition with others in the cohort.

The India Alliance's Selection Committees comprise of independent scientists from the international research community with appropriate expertise and research experience. They are asked to express their own views on the research proposal and to adjudicate on external expert opinions received.

Members of the India Alliance's Selection Committees are required to abide by a code of conduct, which is designed to protect and preserve the integrity of the India Alliance's advisers and processes. This code of conduct dictates that Selection Committee Members may not discuss any aspect of the deliberations or recommendations of the Selection Committee with applicants, and that they must refuse any requests for information as to how a particular decision was reached.

NOTE: Applicants or their colleagues must never attempt to contact a Selection Committee Member to discuss any aspect of an application or the decision reached on it. All such requests must be referred to the Office.

1. Award in full: The award is made at the level requested in the application.

2. Reduced award: The application is funded but at a reduced level.

3. Conditional award: A Selection Committee may wish to ensure that a specific condition is met before an official award is made (e.g. additional justification may be required for an item of equipment or an animal license to be obtained). India Alliance staffs are able to implement the award if and when the specific condition is met.

4. Deferred award: A Selection Committee may withhold a decision in order to seek further information, or to await the outcome of an event. The application must return to the next suitable Selection Committee meeting before a final decision can be made.

5. Reject: The application is not funded.

Assessment during the review process includes, but is not limited to, the evaluation of:

• The caliber of the candidate

• The scientific merit of the proposed project

• The significance of the research

• The suitability of the sponsor and host environment for the candidate's development as an independent researcher.

After decisions have been made, the India Alliance normally provides feedback to applicants who have submitted full applications by supplying unattributed comments of external referees and, occasionally, the views of the Selection Committee that made the funding decision. Feedback is provided solely at the India Alliance's discretion, and is intended to convey the substance of the independent scientific critique of the proposal in order to help the applicant. Although the India Alliance is normally willing to relay the views of its referees, it is not prepared to discuss the merits of individual referees' opinions.

Please find overview of the application process and associated timelines here. Note: the timelines are to aid applicants to plan their application appropriately. India Alliance reserves the right to modify competition timelines for operational convenience.

1. Fellowship applicants must not apply to more than one Alliance fellowship scheme at any one time.

2. Holders of India Alliance Fellowships must contact the Office before submitting an application for research support to another funding body.

3. As per the Dual Fellowship Policy, the India Alliance does not permit Fellows to hold any other fellowship during the tenure of India Alliance Fellowship. If you hold another Fellowship at the time of application, please indicate this clearly on your application.

4. If you are awarded and choose to accept the IA Fellowship, you will not be allowed to hold any other national or international fellowship concurrently with the IA Fellowship. Negotiations are not entertained on this policy.

5. The application upon receipt will be subjected to India Alliance's normal selection procedure and will be considered in competition with similar applications.

6. The application will only be processed subjected to meeting the eligibility to apply for the fellowship and falling within the research remit of India Alliance.

7. If during the application or at the time of award, the India Alliance considers that your host institution is not eligible to receive funds from us, we reserve the right to decline the award.

8. India Alliance's willingness to consider the application in no way implies that support will be forthcoming.

10. You are expected to inform the office if you decide to submit an identical or similar proposal to another funding body while your application is being considered. Non-compliance may lead to refusal to consider the application.

11. Additional data may be submitted up to two weeks before the date of the Committee meeting. After this date, no extra information will be accepted.

12. The India Alliance is very strict about deadlines; late and incomplete applications will not be accepted. For timescales and deadlines please refer to the detailed information for the specific scheme.

13. If there are any ties on intellectual property rights or publications arising from the research you undertake, please contact us for advice.

14. If there are any ties on intellectual property rights or publications arising from the research you undertake, please contact us for advice. Restrictions on intellectual property may affect your eligibility to apply for an Alliance Fellowship.