Costing policies (Fellowships)


Find out about allowed and disallowed costs.

For non-clinically trained (Basic) researchers

Typically, the upper limit for an award is:

Early Career Fellowship: INR 1.7 Crores

Intermediate Fellowship: INR 3.6 Crores

Senior Fellowship: INR 4.5 Crores

For clinically trained researchers

Typically, the upper limit for an award is:

Early Career Fellowship: INR 1.9 Crores

Intermediate Fellowship: INR 3.8 Crores

Senior Fellowship: INR 4.7 Crores

This includes the costs requested by the applicant, as well as the India Alliance’s set contributions on: Fellow’s personal support, Overhead charges, Work outside host institution, Removal costs and Flexible Funding Allowance.

Awards normally provide for directly incurred costs of the Fellowship and the associated research project; funds for non-direct costs may be provided for, in cases where it helps the India Alliance to further its charitable mission.

Directly incurred costs are actual costs that are explicitly identifiable as arising from the conduct of a project (e.g. staff salaries, equipment, materials, travel). These costs are charged as the cash value actually spent and should be verifiable by an auditable record. Costs are grouped as:


Ring-fenced funds

The India Alliance has set a level of personal support for each scheme.

Basic Scientists:

•  Early Career Fellowship: INR 10,36,800 / year.
•  Intermediate Fellowship: INR 13,82,400 / year.
•  Senior Fellowship: INR 16,12,800 / year.

The above personal support is the gross amount payable by the India Alliance. It includes a basic salary, 60% (of basic salary) as allowances and an additional 20% enhancement in lieu of the Fellowship award.

Clinician Scientists:

The India Alliance has set a level of personal support for each scheme.

•   Early Career Fellowship: INR 13,44,000/year.
•  Intermediate Fellowship: INR 16,80,000/year.
•  Senior Fellowship: INR 19,56,000/year.

The above personal support is the gross amount payable by the India Alliance. It includes a basic salary, 60% (of basic salary) as allowances and an additional 20% enhancement in lieu of the Fellowship award. Additionally, a Non practicing allowance 25% (of basic salary) and an Academic Clinical allowance fixed at INR 1,20,000 per annum is provided.

Please note:

  1. The public health researchers with non-medical background receive the personal support fixed for the Basic scientists and the public health researchers with medical background receive the personal support fixed for the clinician scientists.

  2. In cases where a Fellow has been receiving or has commitment to receive a salary from their Host Institution, the India Alliance will top up their salary, so as to meet the level indicated above.

  3. In cases where no financial personal support is forthcoming for the Fellow from the Host Institution, the India Alliance will provide the total amount as indicated above.

  4. If the Host Institutions’ contributions to the Fellows personal support exceeds the India Alliance’s set level, no personal support will be provided.

  5. It is the Fellow's responsibility, in conjunction with their Host Institution, to determine how these emoluments should be presented for tax purposes.

  6. In addition to the above, for Early Career and Intermediate Fellows who have requested overseas visits, a subsistence allowance of $3000/ month will be provided based on the prevailing conversion rate.

  7. The India Alliance retains the right to periodically review and revise its provisions for the Fellow's personal support.

The India Alliance, by default, will make a contribution towards the indirect costs incurred by the host institution in housing the research, and is set at 10% of the total award. These costs should be applied in such a way that they support the Fellow's research, e.g. premises costs, utilities, or administrative support relating to research.

The India Alliance will provide a contribution to carry out research outside the host institution, either in India or abroad, for Early Career (up to 2 years) and Intermediate Fellows (up to 1 year). Senior Fellows may request funds for travel and subsistence costs for short visits to or for collaborators. However, these should be included under miscellaneous costs.

Working elsewhere in India: Emoluments/subsistence would be provided in line with that of local rates. Travel costs must be specified by the applicant.

Working abroad: Applicants will be provided with an emolument/allowance of $3000 per month based on the prevailing conversion rate. In addition, a total of INR 1.5 Lakhs would be provided to cover travel costs.

This option cannot be availed in the first 12 months and majority of the final year unless there is an acute need and suitably justified. In such cases, the justification must be supported by a letter from the External Sponsor. The request would be evaluated by the Selection Committee.

Transferable funds

On your application, the following number of positions may be requested:

Early Career Fellowship under Basic Research category: 1 technical support staff position (should not be requested for the first year of the Fellowship). The request has to be supported by strong scientific justification and a letter from the proposed Fellowship Supervisor to substantiate this request.

Intermediate Fellowship: Up to 2 positions, including Postdoctoral Fellows

Senior Fellowship: Up to 4 positions, including Postdoctoral Fellows.

In category of Clinical and Public Health Research Fellowships, requests for additional research staff may be considered if the proposed work involves fieldwork or if the clinical studies require assistance from additional support staff. Such request has to be supported by strong scientific justification.

On the fellowship application, the staff categories are: Administrative, PhD Students, Postdoctoral, Technician or Other. Note:  only PhD students and Postdoctoral Fellows are provided a travel allowance by the India Alliance. See Travel Allowance

All staff requirements must be adequately justified. In the case of an award, it is at the Selection Committee’s discretion to determine if the number or amount of support requested is appropriate. Applicants are forewarned that they may be asked to revise requests if recommended by the Selection Committee.

With the exception of Postdoctoral Fellows, salary costs sought for support staff should commensurate with the level of skills, responsibilities and expertise necessary to carry out the proposed research. Please follow the salary scales recommended by the Government of India (through DST) for JRF, SRF and Research Associates. The new guidelines can be found here Salary costs sought for support staff should include any increments to which the individual is entitled, together with the costs of expected promotions where appropriate.

As the employer, the Host Institution is responsible for the contracts of employment of the staff concerned and, consequently, for any redundancy or other compensatory payments that may be required. Work permits, where required, are a matter of direct negotiation between the host institution and the relevant Government of India departments.

The India Alliance will meet the directly incurred costs of materials and consumables required to carry out the proposed Fellowship research.

These costs may include laboratory chemicals and materials (e.g. reagents, isotopes, peptides, enzymes, antibodies, gases, proteins, cell/tissue/bacterial culture, plasticware and glassware, etc.), and photographic supplies.

Funds may be requested to cover the purchase costs of animals, food and maintenance charges (e.g. diet, bedding, disinfectant, disposal bags) and labour costs associated with the care and maintenance of animals used in the research, and for any experimental procedures involved.

In order to ensure that animal experimentation costs are accurate, applicants are advised to complete the relevant table in the application form after consultation with their animal house or biological services manager.

The Institution is required to apply a consistent costing methodology when presenting cost details to the India Alliance.

If Fellows wish to purchase animals or add new animal species, in addition to those already approved by the Selection Committee, they will have to seek formal permission from the India Alliance.

With the exception of Early Career Fellowships, applicants can request funds for items of equipment essential to the proposed research project. The India Alliance would provide funds for shipping and clearance charges but not for customs duty. Equipment maintenance may be requested for up to five years.

The India Alliance does not normally supplement support provided by other funding bodies. However, a contribution from the host institution, or other source, will normally be expected where the application includes a substantial equipment request.

The host institution is required to use the best procurement practices when purchasing equipment funded with India Alliance funds.

Access charges may be requested for the use of equipment or facilities, originally funded by the India Alliance or other sources, once the initial funding period has ended. The use of the equipment/facilities must be essential to the proposed research. Please detail how the charges have been calculated stating the cost per experiment or the percentage of time and number of hours the equipment/facilities will be used for the project.

This list is indicative rather than exhaustive, but is intended to provide guidance on the types of funds that may be requested. Costs should be as specific as possible, and justified in terms of the requirement of the research proposed. These costs may include:

•  Specialist publications (not found in institutional libraries). Please specify journals.
•  Consultancy fees directly associated with the execution of the research.
•  Fieldwork fees for subjects/volunteers and/or expenses incurred by volunteers involved in a research project.
•  Computing – including recurrent costs of computing-related items dedicated to the project (e.g. software licences)
•  Recruitment and advertising costs for staff employed on the grant.
•  Hire/running costs of project-dedicated vehicles: The India Alliance no longer supports purchase of such vehicles. Instead, the applicant may request for hiring cost under this head. The use of these vehicles will be the sole responsibility of the Host Institution and the India Alliance cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss that might arise due to such use.
•  Senior Fellowship applicants may request travel and subsistence funds for short collaborative visits. Visits must be scientifically justified.
•  Request for access charges, travel and subsistence costs associated with using synchrotron radiation and neutron sources.
•  Relocation costs of upto INR 1.5 Lakh for Fellows (only in case of overseas travel).
•  The cost of printing questionnaires, recruitment material, newsletters, etc. for clinical, epidemiological and qualitative research studies.
•  As per Indian government rules and regulations concerning human participants in research, India Alliance expects its grantholders to provide appropriate insurance cover to the human subjects participating in their study. Applicants with studies involving human subjects / conducting trials may request for premium of trial insurance as a budgetary item under this section. It is understood that India Alliance would not be liable to pay indemnities directly to the participants being recruited on its funded studies. By agreeing to pay insurance premium, India Alliance would also not be held liable for any injuries caused during the trial. It is for the investigator and the host institution to ascertain that the trial is conducted in a manner that is safe and to the highest ethical standards.

Funds for travel to meetings

The programme automatically provides the Fellow and each researcher employed on the grant with a standard 'travel to meetings' allowance to attend scientific meetings:

Senior Fellows:  INR 2 Lakh per annum

Early and Intermediate Fellows:  INR 1.5 Lakh per annum

Research staff (PhD students or postdoctoral fellows) employed on the grant: INR 1 Lakh per annum each.

Requests for additional funds for specific meetings/conferences are not permitted, as the standard 'travel to meetings' allowances are expected to cover all such costs.

Amounts provided on the grant application must be based on current known cost. However, the India Alliance recognizes that unanticipated costs might arise during the tenure of the project. Therefore, in addition to the requested costs, the India Alliance will provide contingency funds called Flexible Funding Allowance as follows:

Early Career Fellowship: INR 50,000 per annum

Intermediate Fellowship: INR 1.5 Lakh per annum

Senior Fellowship: INR 2 Lakh per annum

This may be used at the Fellow's discretion to fund unanticipated costs on their Fellowship. For example:

•  To purchase consumables or equipment
•  To supplement salaries of support staff on the grant, including provision for discretionary or merit awards
•  To pay page charges or other non-Open Access publishing costs directly related to the research carried out on the grant
•  Stationery costs including computer consumables
•  Office maintenance
•  To cover the PhD (and MSc) fees of individuals employed on the grant e.g. postgraduate research assistants, technicians
•  To cover the costs of formal transferable skills and personal development training courses for the Fellows e.g. in the areas of communication skills, intellectual property rights, project/finance management

Please note:

1) If Fellows wish to use Flexible Funding Allowance to purchase animals additional to those listed in the application form, they must first contact the India Alliance to request permission to do so.

2) Charges made by publishers to meet the costs of publishing in open access journals should not be requested on individual grant applications as the India Alliance will provide supplementary funding for these. Other publishing costs (i.e. those not associated with publishing academic papers) will be considered where such activities are integral to the project - for example, where it has been agreed that the results of an epidemiological study should be shared with participants or disseminated more widely to influence policy or change practice.

Disallowed costs

The following should not be requested as part of the application and will be automatically provided where appropriate by the Alliance:

Fellow's personal support


Funds for travel to meetings

Contingency/flexible funding allowance

The Alliance will not provide funds for the following:

  • Inflation or cost-of-living increases (however, the Alliance will undertake a rolling review of Fellows' salaries to ensure that they remain competitive).
  • Charge-out costs for major facilities; departmental technical and administrative services.
  • Indirect costs, including general administration costs such as personnel, finance, library, and some departmental services.
  • Redundancy costs for research staff.
  • Waste disposal costs
  • Radiation protection costs
  • Customs duty on equipment
  • Publication charges (including article processing charges)



The grant will be cash-limited at the point of award. Supplementary funds are considered in exceptional circumstances only.

Ring-fenced funds should be used only for the purpose(s) stated. The budgets under transferable funds are indicative only and movement of funds among transferable budget headings is allowed, without prior permission from the India Alliance [see exception for animal costs].

Costs requested by the applicant should commensurate with their research proposal and should be fully justified in the full application. Inadequate justifications may result in costs being revised.

Publication cost and open access fees for anticipated research articles cannot be requested on individual grant applications. The India Alliance will reimburse the open access fees in those cases where the publisher's policy is not compliant with India Alliance's award conditions ( and policies ( on open research. Publication cost (including article processing fees) should be covered from the transferable funds and will not be reimbursed by the Office.