Nature Careers India - Find the best scientific jobs and events across India

Nature Careers India - Find the best scientific jobs and events across India

Our first regional career and event hub, Nature Careers India, launched in mid-April 2018 and we’re pleased to report that already an average of 24,750 users visit the site per month and over 1,000 accounts have been created. We’re aiming to build on the success of our international Nature Jobs and Nature Events sites to ensure that the burgeoning scientific sector in India benefits from a comprehensive and dedicated destination for all scientists to manage and develop their careers. And it’s is designed to complement Nature India, which has been championing the sector for the last 10 years.

Nils Moeller, Director, Global Career Services at Springer Nature comments, “we know from our own regional research commissioned in 2017 and from Government funding initiatives that the scientific sector is set for continued and rapid growth. And that offers us huge potential to provide support to scientists in India with their career development with this dedicated careers hub. It’s really gratifying to see our first regional venture start to flourish.”

Over the past three months we’ve worked hard to ensure that whatever career stage you are at there is content and advice, job roles and events to inspire you and support you in career development. What’s more you can sign up to personalized alerts so that you never miss out on a job role or relevant event.

Search hundreds of scientific roles and events

We are currently displaying job roles from institutions, corporates and not for across all scientific disciplines. The roles span multiple levels, from Junior Lab Assistants and Application Support Engineers to Post-Doctoral Fellows and Directorships, and are throughout India.

To keep knowledge and skills up-to-date we also have numerous event listings relevant to every scientific discipline. Currently they range from international seminars and conferences to medical symposia and national conventions across the continent.

Attracting the right talent

For employers wanting to reach a highly targeted and high-calibre audience, there are multiple advertising packages available for both jobs and events that will put you directly in front of an engaged audience. In fact, we’re already sending out around 1,500 job and event alerts.

Take the time to visit the site today, and if you’d like any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.