Fellowships at a glance

The India Alliance offers funding which covers the full spectrum of biomedical science from fundamental molecular and cellular studies through clinical and public health research for researchers at different stages of their careers. The India Alliance has no restrictions based on age or nationality in all its schemes.

Important note: The Research Training fellowships for Clinicians are open only for Indian nationals residing in India.


Basic Biomedical Research Fellowships

For basic science/veterinary researchers

  • Early Career Fellowships – Applicant must have 0-4 years Post PhD. Applicant in the final year of their PhD are also eligible.
  • Senior and Intermediate Fellowships (SIF) – Applicants must have 4 -15 years of post-PhD research experience.
  • Post-PhD research experience is calculated from the date of PhD viva to the full application submission deadline. Due regard is given to non-research career breaks.


Clinical and Public Health Research Fellowships

For Clinicians and Public Health researchers

  • Applicants must be in the final year of MD/MS/MPH or have up to 15 years of post MD/MS/MPH or equivalent clinical /public health research experience. This competition invites applications for the three schemes: Early Career Fellowships, Intermediate Fellowships and Senior Fellowships. Hence, this common eligibility limit covers the entire range of eligibility indicated for the individual Fellowship schemes.
  • Applicants do not require a PhD to apply but must demonstrate commensurate research experience for the particular scheme.
  • Qualifying clinical degree must be recognised by the Medical Council of India.


Margdarshi Fellowships

For senior scientists to nucleate a centre of excellence at a not-for-profit Institution in India

  • Applicants would normally be expected to be running an independent laboratory for at least 10 years and have an outstanding scientific record.

•  A research proposal that seeks to answer an original biomedical research question in areas ranging from fundamental molecular and cellular studies, and clinical and public health research. This also includes theoretical biology and biomedical engineering. Interdisciplinary projects are welcome. If you are unsure about whether your proposed project is within our remit, please write to [email protected] with your CV and a summary of your proposed research.
• A not-for-profit Host Institution in India that will administer the fellowship for the full duration of the award. A salaried position or commitment to a salaried position at the Host Institution is not a mandatory requirement.
• A Sponsor with appropriate administrative authority at the Host Institution, willing to guarantee space and resources necessary to carry out the research project for the entire duration of the award.

Please see individual fellowship schemes for other mandatory requirements on an application.

  • Personal support. Fellows are provided with the salary support set by the India Alliance for each scheme. In cases where a Fellow has been receiving or has a commitment to receive a salary from their Host Institution, a top up is provided, so as to meet the salary level indicated on the website. For more details on the personal support provided, please check our costing policies
  • Generous and flexible research funds. Funding is provided to commensurate with the requirements of the proposed research. Also, Fellows have the flexibility to spend the award as necessary to meet their research goals.
  • Funds to foster collaborations. These include funds for collaborative visits (short or long term), training visits and travel to meetings. These visits could be domestic or international and there is no restriction on frequency or location.


Each scheme has deadlines that are announced in advance on our website. The India Alliance uses an online grants system (IASys) to receive, process, and manage applications. Only online applications are accepted

Preliminary application

All schemes require a preliminary application based on which a full application is invited.

Full application

Short-listed applicants are invited to submit a full application. These are sent out for international peer-review and screened by the India Alliance's Fellowship Selection Committee.


Short-listed applicants are invited to interview with the Fellowship Selection Committee.

More details on our application process can be found here.

  • The applicants need not be resident in India while applying but should be willing to establish an independent research career in India
  • Fellowships may not be taken up prior to the completion of the qualifying degree. The Fellowship must be started within one year of being awarded.
  • The final year or a majority of the final year of the Fellowship must be spent at host institution in India.
  • The Host Institute in India is responsible for administering the Fellowship. Hence the award has to start in India before the 'Work Outside Host Institution' option (available only for Early Career and Intermediate Fellowships) can be availed.
  • It is mandatory for the awarded Fellows to be hosted at the Host Institution for the entire duration of the Fellowship (5 years for Early Career Fellowship). Exceptions will not be considered and applications in which the applicant's contract with the Host Institution ends before the Fellowship end date will not be processed.
  • Dual Fellowship Policy - One may apply even if he/she holds another Fellowship. However, if awarded, applicant will be required to make a choice between the current Fellowship and the India Alliance Fellowship.
  • Resubmission Policy
  • Regardless of previous applications to the India Alliance, all applicants have to make a preliminary application to every competition.
  • If an applicant is not short-listed at the preliminary application stage, he/she may apply to the same scheme, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria for the scheme.
  • Resubmission after consideration of a Full application is not permitted in any scheme. If the Full application has been reviewed by the India Alliance Fellowship Selection Committee, and it was unsuccessful at either the shortlisting or interview stage, the applicant may not reapply to the same scheme. This implies that applicants will have only one opportunity to compete per scheme, once they  get to the full application stage. Therefore, it is very important for applicants to carefully consider the timing of their application.
  • One may not apply to a scheme that is junior to his/her first full application to the India Alliance. For example, if a full application for Senior (Intermediate) Fellowship was considered in the past, irrespective of the decision at the shortlisting or interview stage, the Office will not consider a preliminary application for an Intermediate/Early (Early) Career Fellowship from the same applicant.

Read India Alliance Award Policies here.

The following tables provide an overview of the application process and associated timelines to aid applicants to plan their application appropriately.

India Alliance reserves the right to modify competition timelines for operational convenience.  Please visit the Fellowship deadlines page for the most up-to-date deadlines.



SIF round 1

SIF round 2


Application launch





Preliminary application deadline





Decisions on preliminary application





Invited full application deadline





Interview Shortlisting

March of following year

April of the following year



Interviews for shortlisted candidates





Interview decisions






Please note that Fellowships have fixed activation dates with effect from May 2017.
For awards recommended in the month of May, the fixed activation date will be 1st January of the following year.
For awards recommended in the month of November, the fixed activation date will be 1st September of the following year.


ECF: Early Career Fellowship (Basic biomedical research)

SIF: Senior and Intermediate Fellowships (Basic biomedical research)

CPH: Early Career, Intermediate, and Senior Fellowships (Clinical and public health research)