Intermediate Fellowships

You do not have to be an Indian national, of Indian origin or be resident in India at the time of application. However, it is expected that your research will be based at an Indian host institution and that your long-term aim is to pursue a career in India.
The candidates need not be resident in India while applying but should be willing to establish an independent research career in India.
It is not mandatory for those holding a medical degree and/or a MPH degree to also have a PhD in order to apply to our Fellowships.
The India Alliance appreciates and understands that clinicians and public health researchers sometimes follow a different career trajectory from basic scientists. Therefore, flexible eligibility criteria are followed to determine the eligibility of researchers. 
This competition invites applications for the three schemes:  Early Career Fellowships, Intermediate Fellowships and Senior Fellowships. Hence, this common eligibility limit covers the entire range of eligibility limits indicated for the individual Fellowship schemes.
This competition is open for applicants in the final year of MD/MS/MPH or have up to 15 years of post MD/MS/MPH or equivalent clinical /public health research experience.
The Applicants are advised to choose the most appropriate scheme suitable for them based on their qualification, research experience, career trajectory and track record. Please refer to the guidance notes, provisions and mandate of the Intermediate Fellowship scheme for assessing your eligibility.
The following parameters are typically used to guide the Office:
• The level of qualification (MBBS/MS, MD, MPH or an equivalent degree)
• Previous research experiences
• Applicant's acquaintance with the proposed research question and if a suitable environment is being proposed for this work
If you would fit the profile of a clinician scientist or public health researcher, you have the option to contact the office with your CV and a brief write up of what you would like to do, to get advice on suitability of the scheme you wish to compete for.
Guidance notes
Suitable for applicants with up to four to seven years of post-MD/post-MS/post-MPH/post-PhD or equivalent research experience. Time spent outside the research environment (i.e., career breaks) will be considered but has to be clearly mentioned in the application. 

Resubmission Policy

Regardless of your previous applications to the India Alliance, all applicants have to make a preliminary application to every competition.

If you are not short-listed at the preliminary application stage, you may apply to the same scheme, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria for the scheme.

Normally, resubmission after consideration of a Full application is not permitted in any scheme. If the Full application has been reviewed by the India Alliance’s Selection Committee, and it was unsuccessful at either the short-listing or interview stage, the applicant may not re-apply to the same scheme. This implies that applicants would have only one opportunity to compete per scheme, once they are into the full application stage. Therefore, it is very important for applicants to carefully consider the timing of their application.

Please note that one may not apply to a scheme that is junior to his/her first full application to the India Alliance. For example, if a full application for Senior Fellowship was considered in the past, irrespective of the decision at the shortlisting or interview stage, the Office will not consider a preliminary application for an Intermediate/Early Career Fellowship from the same applicant. If a full application for Intermediate Fellowship was considered in the past, irrespective of the decision at the shortlisting or interview stage, the Office will not consider a preliminary application for an Early Career Fellowship from the same applicant.


This scheme supports excellent scientists who wish to undertake high-quality research and to establish themselves as independent researchers in an academic institution in India.

The candidate must have made intellectual contributions to research that have been published in leading journals, and be able to demonstrate your potential to carry out independent research.

To complete a preliminary application use our online system, IASys. Refer to the IASys userguide for guidance on completing the application form and the submission process. Please ensure that the form is submitted by the published deadline.

Your preliminary application is assessed and If successful, you will be invited to submit a full application.

Your full application will be peer reviewed and considered by the appropriate Selection Committee and, if successful, you will be shortlisted for interview.

Short-listed candidates will be notified two weeks before the interview date.

Applicants are not permitted to apply to multiple Fellowship schemes within the India Alliance in parallel. Only one application to one scheme will be entertained, at a time.

The Fellowship must be started within one year from the point at which the decision has been communicated, typically a week after the interview.

The fellowship is for five years, and provides:
The Fellow's Personal Support
 Research expenses, including research assistance if required (normally funding for two research staff may be requested; requests for additional research staff may be considered if the proposed work involves fieldwork or if the clinical studies/laboratory work require assistance from additional support staff).
The Clinicians and Public Health Research Fellows may use this opportunity to do a PhD on the India Alliance Fellowship project. Please note that such requests are carefully scrutinized by the India Alliance on a case to case basis.
Overseas allowances for scientifically justified visits of up to one year to an external laboratory either in India or abroad.
The total award for an Intermediate Fellowship typically includes the costs requested by the applicant as well as the set contributions by the India Alliance. For further details, see costing policies. Costs requested by the applicant must commensurate with their research proposal and should be fully justified in the full application. Inadequate justifications may result in costs being revised.

Information regarding the various roles on the application can be found here.

Please find overview of the application process and associated timelines here. Note: the timelines are to aid applicants to plan their application appropriately. India Alliance reserves the right to modify competition timelines for operational convenience.

  • Portal opens 20 January 2020 (Application deadline: 18 February 2020) : 18-2-2020