Early Career Fellowships

The proposed research should fall within the India Alliance’s remit which is to support biomedical research that is relevant to human and animal welfare. If you are unsure if your research programme falls within our remit, please write to [email protected] with your CV and a summary of your proposed research.

This is a mentored Fellowship for promising newly qualified postdoctoral researchers to attain independence. The scheme provides a unique opportunity to help them make an early start in establishing their own research programme.

The Early Career Fellowship (ECF) competition is open for basic science/veterinary researchers with -1 to 4 years of post-PhD research experience. This means that you must be in the final year of your PhD studies or have no more than four years of postdoctoral research experience from the date of your PhD viva to the full application submission deadline in order to be eligible for the competition.
In line with the scheme’s mandate to foster independence, Early Career Fellows are strongly encouraged to carry out their Fellowship project in a laboratory that is not their thesis laboratory or thesis environment. If you have compelling reasons to continue in or return to your thesis laboratory/environment, please present these appropriately in the preliminary application and arrange for a letter from the Fellowship Supervisor commenting on this decision.
More details regarding our eligibility criteria can be found here.

ECF is a full-time Fellowship for five years and provides:

•The Fellow's personal support
•Research expenses, including research assistance if required
•Additional allowances (travel and overseas subsistence) for Work outside Host Institution (scientifically justified long-term training or collaborative laboratory visits anywhere in the world for up to 24 months, except in the first year and majority of the final year of the Fellowship)
•Other India Alliance contributions
Points to note:

•The total award for an Early Career Fellowship typically includes the costs requested by the applicant as well as the set contributions by the India Alliance. For further details, see costing policies. Costs requested by the applicant must be commensurate with their research proposal and should be fully justified in the full application. Inadequate justifications may result in costs being revised.
•Applicants have the option of requesting one technical support staff. The request has to be supported by strong scientific justification and a letter from the proposed Fellowship Supervisor to substantiate this request. Please note that the request for support staff should not be made for the first year of the Fellowship. Salary for the support staff will have to be quoted as per the norms of the Host Institution. The cost of recruiting and supporting the support staff has to be factored within the overall budgetary limit set for Early Career Fellowship; no supplementary funds will be provided for this purpose.
•Fund requests for expensive items of equipment are typically not allowed. It is expected that applicants will choose appropriate laboratories/ environments where majority of the necessary equipment and facilities are already available.
•Early Career Fellows not holding a faculty position are expected to spend all their research time on the India Alliance-funded project and are not allowed to commit time to other grants.
•Early Career Fellows holding a faculty position at the Host Institution are allowed to hold other grants as Principal Investigator, provided they spend remaining 90% of their research time on India Alliance-funded research. It is expected that the additional grant could be for infrastructure/equipment to support Fellow’s research at the Host Institution.
•Time permitted for non-research related activity during the Fellowship is normally restricted to a maximum of two hours per week.

Information regarding the various roles on the application can be found here.

Details of the Application process for Applicants are provided here.

Please check here for guidance notes on Grantsmanship and policy on Plagiarism.

Please find overview of the application process and associated timelines here. Note: the timelines are to aid applicants to plan their application appropriately. India Alliance reserves the right to modify competition timelines for operational convenience.