Senior Fellowships

The proposed research should fall within the India Alliance’s remit which is to support biomedical research that is relevant to human and animal welfare. If you are unsure if your research programme falls within our remit, please write to [email protected] with your CV and a summary of your proposed research.

This scheme supports outstanding researchers of any nationality, either medically qualified or science graduates, who wish to pursue a research career in an academic institution in India. Applicants must have demonstrated their ability to lead an independent research project and group.

The Senior and Intermediate Fellowship (SIF) competition is open for basic science/veterinary researchers with 4 -15 years of post-PhD research experience. The Applicants are advised to choose the most appropriate scheme suitable for them based on their qualification, research experience, career trajectory and track record. Please refer to the provisions and mandate of the schemes for assessing your eligibility. Typically, Senior Fellowships are considered suitable for applicants with 7-15 years of post-PhD research experience who have demonstrated their potential to lead an independent research program and want to expand it further to undertake pioneering research.

Applicants for the Senior Fellowship typically have a substantial record of publications and would have made significant intellectual contributions in their chosen area of research.

NOTE: The Office reserves the right to advise on the suitability of the scheme based on the information provided in the application.

The fellowship has tenure of five years and provides:

  • The Fellow's personal support
  • Research expenses, including research assistance if required (normally funding for four research staff may be requested).
  • The total award for a Senior Fellowship typically includes the costs requested by the applicant as well as the set contributions by the India Alliance. For further details, see costing policies. Costs requested by the applicant must be commensurate with their research proposal and should be fully justified in the full application. Inadequate justifications may result in costs being revised.
  • Time permitted for non-research related activity during the fellowship is normally restricted to a maximum of eight hours each week.
  • Information regarding the various roles on the application can be found here.

    Details of the Application process are provided here.

    Please check here for guidance notes on Grantsmanship and policy on Plagiarism.

    Please find overview of the application process and associated timelines here. Note: the timelines are to aid applicants to plan their application appropriately. India Alliance reserves the right to modify competition timelines for operational convenience.

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