Clinical and Public Health Research Fellowships

The India Alliance established the Clinical and Public Health (CPH) Fellowships Programme in 2014. Applications for the CPH Fellowships are invited through a separate competition, which is open only to clinicians and public health researchers.

Applications to the CPH Fellowship competition are accepted under the following three categories.

Early Career Fellowship
For applicants who are starting their independent research career but require a Fellowship supervisor to acquire skills, training and resources to complete their project.
Intermediate Fellowship
For those applicants who are newly established or in the process of establishing themselves as independent investigators.
Senior Fellowship
For those applicants who have established themselves as independent investigators and would now like to lead a larger programme of research.

Research Training Fellowship (RTF) for clinicians: The India Alliance is no longer accepting applications to this scheme. This scheme was meant for those clinicians who wished to gain substantial training in research for developing their research interests through a comprehensive training programme. More information on this scheme is available here.

Overview of different Fellowship schemes:


* Strong justifications are required if more number of staff is a necessity for the project.

Note: The above indicators are for comparison purposes only; the actual criteria and amounts are subject to change. For a detailed description, please carefully read each individual scheme to identify the one that is the best fit.

India Alliance recognises that the clinicians/public health researchers have to put in substantial efforts to pursue their interest in research along with the clinical responsibilities/additional responsibilities as required. India Alliance therefore offers a generous personal support to incentivise their efforts.