About Fellow

Internal Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi/Cardiology, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune (DM)

Clinical Fellow, Royal Brompton Hospital, UK
Junior Consultant, Congenital Heart disease, Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre, New Delhi
Assistant Professor, Grant Medical College & Sir JJ group of Hospitals, Mumbai

Grant Medical College & Sir JJ group of Hospitals, Mumbai

The journey from a clinician to a Clinical Researcher is exciting and difficult. I came late to research. As a person established in a clinical career ,  doiing research in the clinial domain;  had been my forte.This was inculcated in me by my undergrad studies at AIIMS, the premier institute of clinical medicine in India.Clinicians (like their patients) tend to want certainty or, put in practical terms, want to sift quickly through the clinical story to a diagnosis and treatment that will help the patient suffer less. Scientists, who tend to like uncertainty, prefer to wander off beyond the boundaries of what is known, but to do so experimentally so that there is an individual and corporate check on what is thought to be true.

My foray into clinical imaging started with my fellowship in core imaging lab at Cleveland Clinic. Here  for the first time I came across clinicians who were into basic research; trying to answer questions which they came across in the clinics. This interest led me to visit and attend Molecular cardiology seminars develop a growig interest in the field and I finally , with Dr. Sathyamangla Prasad as my scientific collaborator, was awarded the Wellcome DBT, Early career Fellowship.This was an excellent opportunity to give wings to my career in basic research. I  trained in Dr Prasad's  lab in basic molecular cardiology skills and and had to start from the very beginning. Then setting up a lab and getting facilities for molecular techniques in a tertiary care hospital was more daunting than expected. 

The very intersting aspect was that as I ventured to different labs/ Institutes(IIT, TIFR) to find the basic lab instruments/facilities, I realised we had a molecular lab in place (in a different deparrtment), which had not been in much use but had been sanctioned in one of the projects a few years ago!!!

So now as we have established our lab and embark on this journey of translational research I am sure it would be a meaningful and interesting  one.