Early Career Fellow

Dr Padmavathy Bakthavathsalam

About Fellow

Anna University-KBC Research Centre, Chennai, India

Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh

The flavour of working on some socially relevant topic of developing cost - effective pathogen detection for medical diagnostic has been a touching feeling for me. As a core part of my PhD, I was working on developing nanoparticles based methodology for immunodiagnostics and DNA based clinical diagnostics. I gained profound knowledge on various bioconjugation methods and synthesis of nanoparticles, surface modification and characterization using SEM, AFM, epifluorescence microscopy adn Laser induced fluorescence techniques. The potential of functionalized nanoparticles as signalling probes for disease diagnosis was widely explored during my course of research. To note, the surface plasmon resonance property of gold nanoparticles was utilized for PCR free visual detection of pathogen. Subsequently the antibody conjugated dye doped silica nanoparticles was used in fluorescence based lateral flow immunoassay for pathogen detection using a home build smartphone based reader. This initial success exposed me to brand new way of thinking and ultimately got attracted towards the use of smartphone of clinical diagnostic applications. Current research focus on developing a smartphone integrated molecular diagnsotic device for multiplex, real - time detection of pathogens at field settings.