About Fellow

The Oxford Dental College

Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru

Implementation of policies has fascinated me especially for the large part of my career in public health. I graduated as a dentist and completed my Masters in dentistry in the department of Oral Medicine and Radiology. It is during this period of three years that I was exposed to the enormous burden of death and disease caused by the use of tobacco and my interest in research was sparked.

I transitioned into the field of public health engaging particularly in the area of non- communicable diseases and issues such as tobacco control and road safety. Here the focus of my work shifted from treating individuals to looking at the policy landscape and how things move into practice. I got closely involved in the implementation process of the national tobacco control law Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act 2003 especially at the state level in Karnataka. 

This early career fellowship aims to understand implementation of tobacco control policy interventions in India to document what works why, where and for whom. The work will be utilizing an implementation research approach and theory driven inquiry methods to decipher the phenomena of implementation.