About Fellow

Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, Hyderabad

University Of Wisconsin – Madison, USA

Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Thiruvananthapuram

Dr. Rakesh Laishram graduated from Manipur University with a University gold medal in Bachelor of Sciences, Chemistry (Honours) in 2001. He then pursued Masters in Biosciences from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. He received both the Junior and Senior research fellowships from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India for his doctoral studies. In 2006, Dr. Laishram was invited to the Osaka University Japan under the Attractive Graduate Student Initiative from the Japanese Government. Dr. Laishram received his PhD in 2008 for his work on the regulatory protein ArgP carried out at the Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD), Hyderabad under the supervision of Dr. J. Gowrishankar. His work led to the identification of a novel mechanism of transcription initiation where RNA Polymerase is trapped in an inactive ensemble at a step after promoter opening but before the promoter clearance in bacteria.

He then switched to the study of post transcriptional 3'-end RNA processing in mammals when he joined the lab of Dr. Richard Anderson at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, for his post-doctoral work. During his post-doctoral training, he worked on a unique nuclear phosphoinositide signalling pathway that modulates the post transcriptional 3'-end RNA processing that play important roles in cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. He characterized the mechanism of a novel poly(A) polymerase Star-PAP and the target network critical for cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Laishram's research reported the first successful reconstitution of in vitro cleavage using recombinant proteins. For his work, he was awarded the American Heart  Association Post-Doctoral Fellowship in 2009.

In 2012, Dr. Laishram received Wellcome Trust DBT India Alliance Intermediate fellowship and he moved back to India to establish his lab at the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Trivandrum. His current work focuses on understanding the mechanism of post transcriptional gene regulation by RNA processing at the 3′-untranslated region, and how it affects various human diseases. In addition to Welcome Trust DBT India Alliance Fellowship, he has earned many esteemed fellowships/awards such as Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award (IYBA), DBT India, Ramalingaswami fellowship from the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) India, the Scientist Development Award from the American Heart Association USA (2012). Dr. Laishram is an associate faculty member of the Faculty of 1000-Biology. Using cell biological and biochemical techniques, he aims to define the regulatory of pathway of 3'-end RNA processing in oxidative stress response, cardiovascular disease and cancer.