About Fellow

National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences

National Institute of Mental Health And Neurosciences, Bangalore

My interest in neurosciences dates back to my days of medical school where I developed interest in human behaviour and the science governing the same. I developed interest in psychiatric disorders during my psychiatry rotations, and I took up psychiatry as I was interested in biological basis for human behaviour. I got an opportunity to work in a research project in Psychiatry in NIMHANS before I started my residency where I learnt investigative Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and its use in detecting mirror neuron activity in schizophrenia and the findings of these studies have won awards in state and zonal level conferences. My MD thesis was also based on TMS. Having worked so far in exploring biological basis I wanted to take up some work which has a direct clinical yield and hence we planned this study in novel therapeutics for the very difficult to treat and disabling negative symptoms in schizophrenia. My supervisor Dr. Muralidharan is interested in brain stimulation using TMS and has conducted studies about brain stimulation parameters in alcohol dependence, high risk subjects, unipolar and bipolar depression. Given this background and his interest in exploring theta burst stimulation in negative symptoms in schizophrenia, he agreed to mentor me in this work. Me and my supervisor also approached Dr. Arvinda my co-supervisor who is a neuroradiologist interested in functional imaging in neuropsychiatric disorders as functional imaging would be crucial in deciphering modulation of brain connectivity brought out by brain stimulation in my study.