About Fellow

Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt., Delhi

Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne

Public Health Foundation of India

My journey as a researcher has been long and closely intertwined with my journey as a clinician. My first stint with research was after MBBS while specializing in psychiatry when I worked on an epidemiological study to assess the behavioral problems in school going adolescents under the deft guidance and mentorship of Col HRA Prabhu. Following this, I furthered my research interests In Melbourne while working at an early intervention service as a child and adolescent psychiatrist. I worked on the patterns of presentation to a mental health service in adolescents with undiagnosed autism. It was then, I became interested in the indigenous treatment methods and culturally sensitive interventions for various mental health presentations. It became increasingly clear to me that there is hardly any evidence from countries like India for the effectiveness of interventions designed and tested in the Western countries for the mental health conditions. This, coupled with my interest in suicide and self-harm, led me to review the available evidence on adolescent mental health in India, suicide in India and the protective and risk factors in self-harm in youth. I am thankful to Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance for the support for my current project.