About Fellow

Sangath, Goa

Sangath, Goa
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK
King’s College London, London, UK

Sangath, Goa

A little about me

Passionate. Eager. Thinker and doer. Bitten by the global mental health bug.

Why am I motivated?

One of the key drivers to my chosen career path is the experience that I had during my community-based work that, in Sangath (Goa, India). I call that phase of life, the phase where I got bitten by the global mental health bug. I threw myself into the ocean of global mental health in Sangath, which changed my world view and made me rethink of the scope of mental health care in low resource settings. My early experiences in the field-how mental health is understood and misunderstood, how mental health is given priority or not, how a mental health problem manifests, how meaning is attached to mental health and mental health problems, how choices are made when one experiences a mental health problem-have given me enough questions to address through clinical research.

When hard work meets luck

A chance meeting, and an opportune conversation. One looking for how to address burning questions in mental health, the others knowing how to find the answers. One became the potential Fellow, the other became the Supervisors. The Fellow needed others for the journey, the others gave an immediate positive response. Those subsequent months were characterised by a routine where the Fellowship proposal occupied most waking hours, where close colleagues and mentors became mock interviewers, and continuous attempts were made to succinctly answer every question thrown at one. All of this, in combination with some magic made one the “Fellow”.

What do I hope to achieve?

My passion to make a meaningful contribution to the field of global mental health in India drives me to continuously build my core competencies by engaging in continued training in this field. I envision that the Fellowship will help me achieve three major outcomes. The first, to affect greater change in the field of clinical science in India, particularly in the area of mental health, in the capacity of a WTDBT Fellow; and to further contribute to efforts that maximize the reach of psychosocial interventions, centered on the idea of equitable care, mental health promotion and community-based care. The second to develop and evaluate innovative solutions to bridging the growing treatment gap for mental health problems in India. The project will entail the use of innovative strategies, including addressing a hidden burden, relying on best global evidence, utilising a systematic process for complex intervention development, and using the task-sharing approach. And third, on a personal level, I hope to advance my core competencies as a independent clinical researcher, with the support of my mentors, colleagues and project beneficiaries.