Publications and Presentations

1. Khan SJ, Bajpai A, Alam MA, Gupta RP, Harsh S, Pandey RK, Goel-Bhattacharya S, Nigam A, Mishra A, Sinha P.Epithelial neoplasia in Drosophila entails switch to primitive cell states. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013;110(24):E2163-72.

2. Bajpai A, Sridhar S, Reddy HM, Jesudasan RA. BRM-Parser: a tool for comprehensive analysis of BLAST and RepeatMasker results.In Silico Biol. 2007;7(4-5):399-403.


2015- Barcelona BioMed Conferences- Barcelona: Drosophila as a model in cancer; A Bajpai, RK Pandey, SC Lakhotia, P Sinha; A developmentally regulated long non-coding RNA regulates tumor progression in Drosophila wing epithelium
2015- 24th European Drosophila Research Conference- Heidelberg; A Bajpai, RP Gupta, P Sinha; Developmental programs regulate lgl neoplasia in Drosophila epithelium; 
2015- Biennial Indian Drosophila Research Conference; A Bajpai; Neoplasia in Drosophila: how developmental programs regulate oncogenic outcome