Publications and Presentations

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Selected Conference Presentations

Singh J. Role of Virus-Encoded miRNAs in Safeguarding Antiviral Host Response, invited talk for 9th RNA Group Meet at BHU, Varanasi, 26-28th October 2017.

Singh J and Singh CP. BmNPV encodes miRNA for modulating the expression of its own late genes to establish infection in Bombyx mori in Bacology section of 23rd International Congress of the International Sericultural Commission on Sericulture and Silk Industry held at Bangalore, India, 24-27 November 2014.

Singh J. Role of small non-coding RNAs in host-pathogen interactions, invited talk in the workshop on Recent Advances in Sericulture Research held on 19th May 2010 at Central Silk Board, Bengaluru, India.

Singh J. ramiRNA: A new class of conserved miRNAs in Bombyx mori”. Guest lecture at National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, Tsukuba, Japan on 26th Jan 2009.