Publications and Presentations

Research articles:

1. From policy to practice: lessons from Karnataka about implementation of tobacco control laws. Indian Journal of Community Medicine 2017;42(2):77-80 Hebbar PB*,Bhojani U, Kennedy J, Rao V

2. Litigations for claiming health rights: Insights from tobacco control. Health and human rights journal 2014 July in Perspectives. Upendra Bhojani, Pragati Hebbar, Vishal Rao*, Vandana Shah

3. Aloe vera as a cure for lichen planus. New York State Dental Journal 2013 Aug-Sep;79(5):65-8. Patil BA*Bhaskar HP, Pol JS, Sodhi A, Madhu AV (6)

4. Mycological and histological associations of Candida in oral mucosal lesions. Journal of Oral Science 2013;55(2):157-60. Hebbar PB*, Pai A, DS (12)

5. Prevalence and corelation of oral lesions among tobacco smokers, tobacco chewers, areca nut and alcohol users. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer prevention 2012;13(4):1633-7 Sujatha DHebbar PB*, Pai A (50)


Review articles:

1. Role of oral physician in Indian public health system. Hebbar PB*, Journal of Advanced Clinical & Research Insights 2015;2:169-171

2. Preleukoplakia - An Old Concept Or A Forgotten Entity. Hebbar PB*, Sheshaprasad R, Pai A, Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Medicine 2014;1(2):63-64 

3. Oral submucous fibrosis in India: Are we progressing?? Hebbar PB*, Sheshaprasad R, Gurudath S, Pai A, Sujatha D,  Indian Journal of Cancer2014 July-September;51(3)222-226 (7)

4. Suggested modification for the proposed clinical classification on OSMF. Oral Oncology 2013Mar;49e(3):e4. Sheshaprasad R, Hebbar PB*, Pai A (1)


Book Chapters

1. Contributed five out of eight chapters in the book titled “Report on Tobacco use and Its Impact on children”  Pragati B Hebbar* a book commissioned by the Karnataka State Protection of Child Rights Commission supported by UNICEF 2016

2. Ban on TAPS! Past, present and future. Pragati B Hebbar*, Upendra Bhojani. An article on tobacco advertizing and promotion (TAP) in Government of Karnataka State Anti Tobacco Cell World No Tobacco Day booklet 2013