Research Summary

An integrated approach to public health nutrition

The bioavailability of nutrients from plant sources is dependent on intestinal absorptive capacity, which is linked to the environment, sanitation/hygiene and the intestinal microbiome: in turn, this will affect the success of nutritional interventions. In this program, new methods of estimating the bioavailability of nutrients in humans through intrinsic stable isotope labelling of plants will be developed, along with novel and sensitive human physiological studies of their efficacy through dynamic proteomics and other methods. 

Figure Legend: The figure shows a series of steps to measure the digestibility and absorption of amino acids in humans, using an intrinsically labelled pulse protein. From top left, the labelling of chickpea planet with deuterated water; analysis of the chickpea to confirm labelling of different amino acids; followed by feeding of cooked labelled chickpeas to human volunteers, followed by analysis of the appearance of labelled amino acids in the blood.