Research Summary

Why is IgA Nephropathy aggressive in South Asians? Study on the effect of galactose deficient IgA1, anti-glycan antibody and complement components on the rate of progression of renal disease

IgA nephropathy (IgAN) is the most common glomerular disease, and a frequent cause of end stage kidney disease. In India, IgAN is characterized by marked severity in a younger population. We will study a cohort of patients with IgA nephropathy using evaluation of molecular and lectin based characterization of antigen, antibodies and complements in serum and renal tissues with clinical correlation of disease progression to generate new knowledge to help establish more appropriate treatment guidelines and reduce the burden of chronic kidney disease and renal replacement therapies. This study will also help us decide whether targeted screening programs may have benefit given the rapid nature of the disease in our population.

Figure Legend: Pathophysiology of IgA Nephropathy