Margdarshi Fellowship

Professor Sandhya S. Visweswariah

Research Summary

Establishment of a Medical Research Hub in the Centre for Biosystems Science and Engineering

The Medical Research Hub will gather together scientists and clinicians focusing on a specific subject or disease, thereby integrating various scientific and medical disciplines to allow interventions directly into clinical practice. In the first instance, activities will relate to gut function focusing on receptor guanylyl cyclase C and its role in childhood and familial diarrheas. An extension of these studies will involve studying the role of this receptor and other components of the signaling pathway in insulin secretion from the pancreas, and incidences of pancreatitis associated with Type II diabetes. Working towards a closer interaction with Clinicians, we will establish Chairs for Medical Professionals to spend time in the Research Hub interacting with Engineers and other researchers in the multidisciplinary environment of the Indian Institute of Science. We will support medical students and MDs to associate themselves with research laboratories in the Institute. We will also embed our students in the Clinical environment provided by the associated hospital, with a view of being able to appreciate and thereby identify problems that could benefit from research in the Centre for Biosystems Science and Engineering.

Figure Legend: An artist’s representation of research activities in the laboratory related to the role of receptor guanylyl cyclase C in gastrointestinal disease.