Research Summary

Longitudinal assessment of metabolomic changes during pregnancy on foetal growth

Gestational Route to Healthy Birth (GaRBH cohort)

Pregnancy is the first window of exposures in human life which is dominated by metabolic changes for meeting the raised physiological needs of foetal growth and development. Metabolic adjustments are  required for opening the provisions of additional energy sources to support labour and lactation. The system-wide understanding of metabolism during gestation demands the use of holistic approach of metabolomics for high-throughput identification and measurement of levels of metabolites. The current research work will assess the longitudinal quantitative changes in metabolism during the course of pregnancy in relation to maternal gestational characteristics. Further, the influence of maternal metabolic changes in pregnancy on foetal growth and biological traits of offspring at birth will also be examined. This study will be conducted in collaboration with Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner, Rajasthan. We will extensively phenotype at least 1000 mothers during pregnancy for cardiometabolic traits at each follow-up along with the measurements of foetal growth and offspring size at birth.