Research Summary

Regulation of host splicing machinery by factors from Mycobacterium tuberculosis and its impact on host innate defense mechanism

Among many interesting lines of investigation, we recently discovered, through an inter-disciplinary approach, that infection of human macrophages with Mycobacterium tuberculosis causes massive alterations in the pattern of RNA splicing in the host transcriptome. Further, the alterations selectively targeted molecules and pathways of the innate immune mechanism, which eventually helped Mtb to survive better in the macrophages. Through the Wellcome-DBT India Alliance Senior Fellowship, our main goal is to identify how Mtb could achieve such specific disruption of a highly fundamental process like RNA splicing in the host. This is a tremendously challenging question and I believe the support and flexibility provided by the Wellcome-DBT fellowship will enable us to address this exciting aspect of tuberculosis pathogenesis.

Figure Legend: Through the Wellcome-DBT India Alliance Senior Fellowship, we are trying to understand how Mycobacterium tuberculosis specifically alters the complex process of eukaryotic RNA spicing