Research Summary

Massively Parallel High Throughput Single Cell Intracellular Delivery Using Light Pulses

Cells are the most fundamental building block in our day to day life. However cells to cells or cells to environment interaction are still unknown.  To understand cellular interaction with each other, ensemble measurement of millions of cells together can provide average information. For example, any omics analysis in bulk population is informative, however it is not enough to understand detail about cellular heterogeneity characteristics and molecular dynamics. The conventional cellular characteristics can provide high percentage of cell death and nonuniform transfection by using any chemical and physical methods, which are unable to characterize cellular function precisely.  On the other hand uniform single cell intracellular transfection is an important mean in cell biology and therapeutic development.  From last decade single cell phtoporation platform came into frontier research for high efficient intracellular delivery.  However, none of the techniques can provide precise uniform delivery into single cells and their throughputs are very limited. Here, we proposeed Bio-MEMS based compact, easy to use, massively parallel, high throughput single cell photoporation platform, that can  overcome the throughput limitation as well as it can provide precise uniform single cell intracellular transfection with controllable light pulses to achieve high efficiency and high cell viability. The device potentially applicable for single cell therapy and diagnostics.

Our Laboratory mainly focuses on research about Bio-MEMS/Bio-NEMS devices based single cell therapy and diagnostics using different physical methods such as nano-electroporation, photoporation, mechanoporation, thermoporation, magnetoporation and etc.