Research Summary

My WellcomeTrust/DBT funded research is primarily focused on understanding the role of lysosomes and autophagy in the process of hormone secretion. Glucagon is glycoprotein hormone secreted by pancreatic alpha(α)-cells and plays a significant role in the pathogenesis of both Type I and Type II diabetes mellitus (DM). Under normal physiological conditions, glucagon secretion is increased and insulin secretion is decreased during starvation to counteract hypoglycaemia in humans via increasing hepatic glucose output. However, in diabetes, glucagon secretion becomes insensitive to both high glucose and insulin inhibition, and contributes to hyperglycaemia. In my current research, I attempt to understand and modulate a cellular  glucagon content inside the pancreatic alpha-cells which secrete them. We believe that the results obtained from this study would benefit future diabetes research and treatment.