Research Summary

Development of side vision in infants with normal milestones


Dr. PremNandhini Satgunam                          Dr. L. Srinivasa Varadharajan

Principal Supervisor                                       Co- Supervisor

host Institution                                                host Institution

L V Prasad Eye Institute                                   L V Prasad Eye Institute


Testing visual fields (side vision) is very important in babies as few disease conditions (e.g. glaucoma ,  cerebral palsy) can cause visual field defects. A device used for quantifying the visual field is called a 'perimeter'. Presently, there are no perimeters available for testing babies. We developed a "Pediatric Perimeter" in-house at our institute to address this clinical gap. With this device we can test babies as young as 2 months. My research aims to collect normative data on typically developing healthy babies using the Pediatric Perimeter. Specifically I will be quantifying the visual fields under gross and fine testing conditions. I will also be looking for patterns of visual maturation in visual fields in different age groups of the babies. I will also be developing algorithms to make the test faster and efficient for testing babies. Collecting the normative data with this device will further help us to understand the visual fields in babies and young children with vision problems and with special needs.  


Figure Legend: Schematic diagram of the Pediatric Perimeter device, showing the skeletal structure of the hemispherical dome. The magnified screen snapshot of an infant getting tested and the GUI is also shown