All applicants are advised to read through the user guide (will be available once you register with IASys) before completing an application form for the first time. The first step is to fill in a home page for yourself (this will include your personal details, which will be downloaded onto future application forms). You will be prompted to indicate others with a role on your application (Sponsors, External sponsors, Fellowship supervisors, Mentors, Collaborators, etc.) during the process of filling in your application. Once you select your secondary applicants (Sponsors, External sponsors, Fellowship supervisors, Collaborators etc, as applicable), a system generated email will be sent to them with their log in details to enable them to confirm their participation and fill in their details. For tertiary applicants (Mentors etc), an automated email will be sent with your request. They can send in their confidential letters directly to the India Alliance simply by replying to the email. Alternatively, they can also directly email the letters to us at [email protected].


Is it compulsory to make an application through IASys?
Yes, submission of applications via IASys is mandatory. All applications to the India Alliance both at preliminary and full application stages must be submitted through IASys.

How long is the IASys application process?
You will need to take into account that all secondary applicants involved in your fellowship must also participate in the application process, in addition to yourself. Secondary applicants will need to agree to your request regarding their role in the application and provide the relevant details. The form cannot be submitted until all sections are completed. In addition, Sponsor/Fellowship supervisor also needs to approve the application before it can be submitted to India Alliance. We recommend you read the user guide for secondary applicants to familiarize yourself with their role in your application.

Do I need to submit a signed hard copy of the application form as well as the IASys version?
No, IASys will only allow you to submit the application after validation and approval by Sponsor/Fellowship supervisor. Therefore, a signed hard copy of the form is not required.

How do I select a secondary applicant?
Select the appropriate section (eg., ‘Sponsor Details' or ‘Supervisor Details’ depending on their role in the application) from the menu on the left hand side. You will be given the option to 'find contact' or to ‘add new contact’. The nominated secondary applicant will receive an automated email with their log in details asking them to login to their IASys account to agree to your request.

How do I release my details if I am a secondary applicant on the fellowship?
Once you receive the email requesting your participation, you need to log into your homepage with the log-in details provided. You will now be prompted to update your details. Once you have done so select 'My approvals' from the menu on the left hand side. This page will provide you with information regarding all the applications (if you have more than one) on which your participation is requested. Selecting the relevant application will take you to the summary page of the application from where you will be able to view the application and confirm your participation.

Are there any guidance notes available?
Yes, you can access further help and guidance through the user guide of IASys. This will be available once you register on the IASys.

Who should I contact if I have a query?
Details are available from the contact us section on IASys. Alternatively,  you can email our help desk at [email protected]