Margdarshi user guide

3. User guides for the following roles on Margdarshi Application:

As a Lead Applicant you are the primary individual responsible for filling, editing and completing an application. You are also responsible for selecting and coordinating with your Sponsor to ensure that an application is submitted within the requested deadline. The lead applicant will complete the application form and also invite Sponsor/Primary Sponsor and Secondary Sponsor on the application. This leads to creation of separate sponsorship form (s). It is not mandatory to choose a Secondary Sponsor on the application.

The Sponsor(s) is responsible for filling and completing the sponsorship form (s), and its submission to the India Alliance within the requested deadline. The lead applicant and the Sponsor(s) submit their respective forms individually. However, submission of lead applicant's form is contingent upon successful submission of the sponsorship form (s) by the Sponsor (s). It is therefore important that the Sponsor (s) must submit the sponsorship form (s) within the specified deadline to allow the lead applicant to complete the process of submission.

Instructions below cover:


Process creating an application

Selecting Sponsor/Primary Sponsor and Secondary Sponsor on the application

Submission of application


• Registration is a one-time process done at the time of accessing IASys for the first time, usually at the time of making a application. Only registered users of the system can apply for grants.

Figure 1 - Registration and Login

• You will use the email address you register with IASysto identify yourself to the system when logging in.

• The system will use this email address for all correspondence, so it is preferable to choose an address you use regularly.

Figure 2 - Registration Details

Figure 3 – Successful Registration

• Once you register, an email will be sent to you to allow you to confirm the registration and log in for the first time.
• Do not worry if you move to a new email address in the future – you can change your registered IASys email address if you need to.
• If you are a grant holder, or if you have previously contributed to an application or review, your email address may already be registered. The system will detect this automatically and will invite you to log in without needing to re-register.
• The system allows you to store the answers to security questions to assist the secure retrieval of your password if you ever forget it.

Forgotten Password

• If you forget your password, you click the Forgotten Password? link on the Registration and Login Page, and ask for a replacement password to be sent to you by email
• This replacement password gives temporary access to the system, during which time you will be asked to provide a new, permanent password.


Account Lock-Out

• After 3 consecutive use of an incorrect password will lock your account for 15 minutes; this is to protect you from attempts to access your data by a third party. If this happens you can login after 15 minutes or request a new password via the 'Forgotten password' function.

Process to create the application

The first time you login using your email and password, you will see the IASys home page. It is your starting point to create applications, or to update your details. It is also where if awarded, as a grant holder, you can manage your award.

Figure 4 – IASys Welcome

• Applicants must first complete their CVs in My Details section. The CVs are automatically mapped to an application form. Please note that you cannot change details of your CV from within an application. If you wish to edit your CV while filling in your application you will have to exit the application and make the changes via the "My Details" link.

Figure 5 – CV Page under My Details

• You can create a new application from the link on the home page.

Figure 6 – Creating New Application under My Applications.

• The grant round currently open is listed her. The More info link returns a description of the grant round. Clicking Apply allows you to create an application form.

Figure 7 – Open Funding Rounds

• Clicking on Apply for the Margdarshi round will take you to the Introduction page, describing the mandate of the Margdarshi Fellowship.The sections of the application form are listed as a menu down the left-hand side of the screen. Each section of this menu must be completed.

Figure 8 – Fellowship Introduction

• You can move from page to page using the and buttons, or using the menu on the left-hand side.

• When you move from one page to other, the information entered on the previous page is saved automatically.

• save and close can be used to save your work before you log out of the system. This will save all the information entered till that point and take you back to application summary page.

• You can save and return to the application form as often as you like.


Selecting Sponsor/Primary Sponsor and Secondary Sponsor your application

You must select a Sponsor by providing his/her email address and creating an invitation. This will send an email requesting them to complete the sponsorship form, which will be made available in their account.

Figure 9 – Selecting Sponsor on a application

The sponsor is responsible for filling and completing the sponsorship form and its submission to the India Alliance within the requested deadline.If you are planning to select a secondary sponsor on the application, a similar process should be followed to select the Secondary sponsor.

Figure 10 – Selecting Secondary Sponsor on a application


Submission of Application

When the application form is complete it must be validated prior to submission. This will highlight any omissions in the form, and allow these omissions to be corrected.

Figure 11 – Submitting the Application

The submission of sponsorship form is mandatory for validation of the application. If you have chosen a secondary sponsor on the application, submission of his sponsorship form is also mandatory for validation of the application. Once fully validated, you may submit the application to the India Alliance. Please note that this submit button will only be available, if the application is complete and the Sponsor (s) has submitted the form. Please coordinate with your Sponsor (s) to ensure he/she submits the form within the requested deadline.

Figure 12 – Application Status

The boxes on the Right enable you to:

• Edit the application on return visits.
• View as a PDF. This creates a form with your latest edits for you to review or to create a paper copy. The watermark is cleared after a successful submission.
• Validate that your application is complete for submission.
• Submit for approval – this button is only available when validation has been successfully completed.
• Delete if you wish to. Note that this is an irreversible action; the application cannot be recovered after deletion.

The menu items on the Left allow to:

• Change History – shows the changes made to the application form, this can be useful for the review of changes made by participants.
• Journal - is a notepad function allowing participants to leave messages.
• On final submission:
   • A grant application number is assigned to the application.
   • The application automatically enters the process of competition.


A confirmation email will be sent to you, the Lead Applicant, when submission occurs.
• Once submitted to the IA, no further changes are possible on the application without the IA's approval.


This is an established researcher at the host institution; normally the head of department or director of the sponsoring host institution. You should:
a) be in a position to guarantee space and resources at the institution/ department for the duration of the grant;
b) hold a contract of employment that extends beyond the duration of proposed Fellowship;
c) sign up to the Grant Conditions & Policies.
This role is mandatory for the application. 
If you have been added as a Sponsor/Primary Sponsor and Secondary Sponsor on an India Alliance Margdarshi Fellowship application, you will be informed of this through an email. You are required to complete the sponsorship form and submit it to the India Alliance through the online system.
   1. Confirm your willingness to participate in this capacity
   2. Fill in the sponsorship form and submit it to the India Alliance by the due deadline.
   3. Upload Consent form. 
   4.Please note that the steps 1, 2, and 3 are mandatory and the system will not allow the applicant to submit the application otherwise.
Confirm your willingness by clicking on the link provided in the email.
Log into IASys by entering the log in details under Existing users (as shown below)
First time users can log in using the details provided in the follow up email. This will take you to the Basic Information page (as shown below), where you are required to fill in details about yourself, which is a one-time task
From here on, you will be taken to the Home Page (as shown below) every time you log in.
Click here to go to the 'My co-application' page where you can find details of the lead applicant and the deadline by which you must submit the sponsorship form to the India Alliance.
Clicking on the grid placed against the application opens the summary page of the sponsorship form (as shown below) 
Click on the Confirm button in the box on the right hand side (circled in red below).
Fill in the sponsorship form
Confirming your role on the application will allow you to edit the sponsorship form. Click on the Edit button (circled in red below) in the box on the right hand side of the summary page. This will take you to the sponsorship from. The questions on the sponsorship form are to be completed by the Sponsor.
Please answer all the questions (as shown below)
Click on Save and Close to save the information and go back to the summary page.

Here, you can View the application in its final form by clicking on the View/Print button (circled in red below).

Up on viewing the application, if you are satisfied, click on the submit button (circled in red below) in the box on the right hand side. Please note that this button will only be available, if you have addressed all the required questions on the form.