Art + Science 2017-18

28 Jul 2017

Art + Science 2017-18


Khoj International Artists Association invites proposals for its Art + Science programme. Instituted by Khoj and supported by Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance, Art + Science is designed to advance projects that explore artistic applications of emerging thoughts and technologies with the help of partners from the scientific industry and academia.

We seek project proposals that have the potential to allow the public to learn alongside artists, scientists and technologists doing thought-provoking work. Projects, including prototypes, documentation, and work-in-progress, will be presented to the public at an Open Studio at Khoj Studios in late March 2017. We are greatly interested in project proposals that include some aspect of public demonstration and engagement with the public.

The Art + Science grant program is open to individual artists and artist collectives.

The scientists for this edition work across and are interested in Biological Sciences, Genomics, Regenerative medicine, Internet and Science, Myth and Science, Health and Disease, Infections, Genetic Engineering, Neuroscience, Biotechnology, Perception and alternate or augmented reality and Human/machine, Mars, Terra-forming and Astronomy, interface, robotics; sensorial and extra-sensorial interfaces etc.

Particular areas of interest include the following:

The Internet


Health, Medicine and disease

Issues of perception and alternate, augmented or virtual reality.

Human/machine interface; robotics; sensory and extrasensory modes of perception.

Space, exploration and new frontiers.

The Politics of Science and Technology.

Science and Myth.

Applicants wanting to co-develop projects with Scientists/Academics may write to [email protected] and they will be connected to the scientists working in the relevant area. Alternately if applicants want to work on topics outside the stated, please write to us and we will try our best to connect you with suitable researchers/scientists/scholars.

Deadline to submit proposals 30 September 2017

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