Call for applications: Senior and Intermediate Fellowships in Biomedical Research

25 Jun 2018

Call for applications: Senior and Intermediate Fellowships in Biomedical Research


Applications forms will be available on 27 June 2018, 09.00 am IST

The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance invites applications for its Senior and Intermediate Fellowship scheme. These Fellowships are available across the full spectrum of biomedical research from fundamental molecular and cellular studies through clinical and public health research*. Interdisciplinary projects are also welcome.


  • No age or nationality restrictions. The applicant need not be resident in India while applying but should be willing to relocate to and work in India.
  • A salaried position or commitment towards a salaried position at the Host Institution is not required.
  • Applicant can have a PhD in any discipline of science.
  • This competition is open for basic science/veterinary researchers between 4 -15 years of post-PhD research experience.
  • Applicants are advised to choose the most appropriate scheme suitable for them based on their qualification, research experience, career trajectory and track record. Please refer to the guidance notes, provisions and mandate of the scheme for deciding on the scheme you wish to compete for. The Office reserves the right to advice on the suitability of the scheme accordingly.

Eligibility guidance notes

Senior Fellowship:  For researchers who have demonstrated their potential to lead an independent research program and want to expand it further to undertake pioneering research.

Intermediate Fellowship: For postdoctoral researchers who have been successful in building a track record of pursuing a cutting edge research and wish to establish their own independent research program in India.


The 5 year Fellowship support provides

  • Competitive personal salary support
  • Generous and flexible funds for research
  • Funds to develop international collaborations


The following are essential for the application.

  • A research proposal that is based on a hypothesis and seeks to answer an original biomedical research question
  • A not-for-profit Host Institution in India that will administer the Fellowship for the complete duration of the award
  • A sponsor at the Host Institution, who can guarantee space and resources for the duration of the award

Application forms will be available on the India Alliance online application System (IASys) at on 27 June 2018, 09 am IST.

Please visit for further information on these Fellowships. Queries may be addressed to [email protected]

*We encourage Clinicians and Public Health researchers to apply in the separate Clinical and Public Health competition which would be announced later:


Banner image credit: RCSB Protein Data Bank. Molecular model from X-ray diffraction data (PDB ID: 1xi4) of a clathrin cage. Clathrin is a protein that forms a basket or cage-like mesh of proteins on the cell membrane in order to carry cargo into the cell.