The Explorer Series, 12 November, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

08 Nov 2018

The Explorer Series, 12 November, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi


India Alliance is pleased to launch the Explorer Series as part of its 10th year celebrations this year. 

Every Scientist is an ‘Explorer’–infinitely curious about the world around, passionate about asking questions, and innovative with designing solutions that benefit society. The Scientist-Explorers encourage us to act with the spirit of enquiry, push boundaries, and pursue big ideas. A scientist’s journey—from chasing the unknown to the eureka moment—packs the punch of a compelling story.

Come join the Explorers.

Listen to their stories.

Live their adventure.


10 AM-12 PM, 12 November 2018

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi



Why should we study malaria in Birds?

Dr. Farah Ishtiaq, Indian Institute of Science

Farah will talk about her trysts with birds, malaria parasites, and the Himalayas. Farah is interested in disease ecology and works to understand malaria in birds.

That device in your palm can revolutionize healthcare

Dr. Rashmi Rodrigues, St. John’s Medical College

Rashmi will talk about her journey from being just a beneficiary of mobile phone technology to harnessing it to support heath care. Rashmi is interested in developing better public healthcare support systems and works on infectious diseases like HIV infection and tuberculosis.

A dogged problem: Can India eliminate rabies by 2030?

Dr. Abi T Vanak, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE)

Abi will explore the canine conundrum of how dogs, our faithful companions, have evolved into mortal enemies. Abi is interested in disease and animal-movement ecology and works to understand rabies in India by combining ecology, epidemiology, and human health.

If we can make computers play chess, why can't we make them see?

Dr. S. P. Arun, Indian Institute of Science

Arun will explain the complex brain functions associated with the simple act of seeing and identifying objects. Arun is interested in visual perception and object identification and works to elucidate these phenomena at the behavioural, neuronal, and computational levels.

This 1st chapter of the Explorer Series is now available on YouTube.

The series will move nation-wide this year to celebrate science.

For more details on this series, contact [email protected]