Call for Seed Funding Applications: Affordable Approaches to Cancer

02 Sep 2019

Call for Seed Funding Applications: Affordable Approaches to Cancer


The Call for Seed Funding Applications is now open for the Affordable Approaches to Cancer Initiative—a joint £10M, 5-year research initiative of Cancer Research UK and the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India focused on finding affordable approaches to cancer. The initiative aims to stimulate a focused bilateral, multidisciplinary research effort to address important challenges in affordability in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. It is intended to drive collaboration and support innovative and readily translational research. By bringing together the complementary research strengths of India and the UK, the initiative will accelerate progress in research that will impact cancer outcomes on a global scale.

Research Challenges

The bilateral Advisory Panel of the initiative has set seven research challenges under the theme of affordable approaches to cancer.  Below is an overview of each challenge (for more information please visit the AAC webpage):
Challenge 1 | Prevention: Identify and quantify cancer risk factors to better understand regional variations in incidence, enabling new approaches to cancer prevention
Challenge 2 | Early detection: Devise affordable screening tools to improve early detection of cancer
Challenge 3 | Early diagnosis: Identify affordable approaches to improve early diagnosis of symptomatic cancers
Challenge 4 | Computational approaches: Develop computational approaches that can reduce the cost of cancer care delivery
Challenge 5 | Small molecule treatments: Identify novel, affordable treatment approaches for hard to treat cancers using small molecules
Challenge 6 | Treatment: Improve the affordability of effective cancer treatments
Challenge 7 | Children’s and young people’s cancer: Develop approaches to improve long-term quality of life in children and young people with cancer
Remit and Eligibility

Applications are invited to tackle one of the seven research challenges. When submitting a research proposal please keep in mind that all proposals must:

  • Build on the complementary research strengths in both India and the UK, building research alliances between the two countries
  • Address a cancer of high unmet need in India, the UK and/or globally
  • Clearly address the key theme of 'affordable approaches to cancer'
  • Aim to produce outputs that are readily translatable to patients
  • Be innovative and involve multidisciplinary work e.g. proposals that utilise affordable technology alongside biomedical research
  • Be feasible within the constraints of the funding and time available


For further information, please read the Seed Funding Remit and Eligibility Guidelines.

How to apply

The Call for Applications is open for bilateral teams from the UK and India from 2nd September to 4th November 2019 to apply for seed funding awards up to £30,000 (approx. Rs 26 lakhs) to develop full applications, over 6 months, for programme awards of up to £1.5M (approx. Rs 13.1 crores) over 4-years.

The grants process for the initiative will be managed by the implementation partner of the initiative, the Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance, with support from CRUK and DBT.

The proposals should be sent to the India Alliance Grants Team by email (to [email protected]) using the application form availabe on the AAC webpage. Details of the application process are available here

More information

For more information, please visit the AAC webpage.  For queries regarding the Affordable Approaches to Cancer Initiative or if you require help finding potential collaborators for your application, please write to [email protected].


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