IA-IAVI Webinar Series: Mainstreaming Health Research through Journalism

03 Dec 2019

IA-IAVI Webinar Series: Mainstreaming Health Research through Journalism
There is now a consensus among researchers that communication of their work with the wider public is a critical element of scientific research. Communication can increase the impact of research, lead to change in practice, and provide a channel to researchers to contribute to the society. But how can researchers overcome barriers to communication? Can media with its critical role in shaping public perceptions be a helpful tool?
This webinar offers a space to deliberate on some of the key aspects of using journalism to bring health research into mainstream conversations. Our speaker for this webinar is the inimitable Mia Malan, Editor-in-Chief and Executive Director of Bhekisisa, Centre for Health Journalism. She will help us understand how creative storytelling in journalism can be used to share important public health information and as a tool for creating discourse shift. 
If you struggle communicating your research to journalists or are not sure what the media wants; this webinar is for you.
This webinar is a part of the IA-IAVI Scicomm webinar series—a joint effort of India Alliance and International AIDS Vaccine Initiative to strengthen south-south collaboration and support cross-learning and knowledge exchange between India and Africa.
Date: 11 December 2019
Time: 3:00 PM IST | 12:30 PM EAT