Art & Science Project

13 Jan 2016

Art & Science Project

India Alliance is pleased to announce its support for Art & Science Project at Khoj International Artists' Association, New Delhi, details of which can be found below and on the Khoj website.  It promises to be a great platform for interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange between scientists and artists and we encourage anyone interested to apply (artists) and get involved (scientists).


At first, it may seem that the pairing of Art & Science is an atypical choice, as the two fields and methods of practice have almost universally been represented as diametric opposites of each other. However, on closer examination, the similarities between artists and scientists far outweigh their stereotypical differences. Both are dedicated to research and to asking the big question- what is true? Why does it matter? How can we move society forward? Moreover, both the lab and the studio are spaces that famously encourage open-ended enquiry and emphasis on process. In tune with Khoj’s commitment to cultivate an environment that allows for experimentation and innovation, the Art & Science residency will be a step towards furthering the explorations of interdisciplinary practitioners. This is the second edition of a Khoj residency focusing on Art + Science, to know more about the first edition, please click ‘here


Residency Dates: March 2nd – April 2nd, 2015

Application Deadline: February 2nd, 2015

Proposals are invited for ‘The Undivided Mind’, a four-week international residency for artists whose work explores the intersection of art and science.


The theme of the 2016 edition of The Undivided Mind is ‘Health’. Within this broader framework, three curatorial frameworks or modes for exploration are suggested. Terrestrial Health refers to that which is on, or related to the earth. This sub – theme suggests an investigation into the physical health and structure of the body (both human and animal), the environment, the community and the interrelations between these spheres. Mental Health refers to that which is of or relating to the mind. This sub – theme focuses on a psychological investigation of what constitutes Health of the mind and raises questions about the ‘socially’ defined state of well-being; where issues’ surrounding the legal rights and entitlement of personhood, for those living with a mental disorder is open for debate.  Finally, Extraterrestrial Health may refer to any object, being or idea beyond the planet Earth. This sub – theme opens up a space where the relationship between Earth and other planetary bodies can be studied. What does it mean for human existence when sending human life forms to Mars is projected to take place by 2020? What are the long term effects and solution to space debris if life projects out beyond Earth? This sub – theme also invites applicants to consider the abstract and metaphorical imaginings of health in contemporary and future societies. 

The following India Alliance Fellows will be participating in the project:

(NOTE: If an applicant wishes to connect with any of the following researchers in advance of submitting their proposal, please contact the Khoj team at ‘[email protected]’ for an introduction; please do the same if you are a scientist and would like take part in this project )

Dr Venkatasubramanian Ganesan, NIMHANS Bangalore

Dr Pallab K Maulik, The George Institute for Global Health, New Delhi

Dr Anurag Agarwal, IGIB, New Delhi

Dr Tavpritesh Sethi, AIIMS, New Delhi

Dr Lolitika Mandal, Indian Institution of Science Education and Research, Mohali

Dr Urvakhsh Mehta,NIMHANS, Bangalore

Dr Sheetal Gandotra, Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, New Delhi


Visit Khoj’s website to find out more about the residency and the application process.