Remit and Eligibility

The proposed research should fall within the India Alliance’s remit which is to support biomedical research that is relevant to human and animal welfare. If you are unsure if your research programme falls within our remit, please write to [email protected] with your CV and a 250 word summary of your proposed research.

Candidates should normally have a PhD and/or equivalent clinical or public health research experience. In case of Clinical or Public Health Researchers only, a post-graduate degree in Medical or Allied Health Sciences e.g MD/MPH etc is sufficient.

There are no age or nationality restrictions.

Candidates need not be resident in India during the application process. They need not have undertaken their PhD (or other qualifying degree) in India.

Holders of established posts in a host institution can also apply to our fellowships. India Alliance would provide salary support for the entire 5 year tenure of the fellowship based on the Fellow’s status at the host institution. The candidate however would not be expected to receive any further salary support in addition to India Alliance funding.

Please note that Fellowships have fixed activation dates with effect from May 2017. For awards recommended in the month of May, the fixed activation date will be 1st January of the following year. For awards recommended in the month of November, the fixed activation date will be 1st September of the following year. It is mandatory for the awarded Fellows to be hosted in the Host Institution for the entire duration of the Fellowship (5 years for Early Career Fellowship). Exceptions will not be considered.

The first year and majority of the final year of the Fellowship must be spent in host institution in India. The host Institute in India is responsible for administering the Fellowship. Hence the fellowship must be activated while in India before the 'Work outside host Institution' option can be availed. 

Dual Fellowship Policy: You may apply even if you already hold another Fellowship. However, please note that if awarded, you will be required to make a choice between your current Fellowship and the India Alliance Fellowship.

Eligibility to our Fellowships is calculated from the date of PhD viva (or date of highest post-graduate medical or Public health degree) to the full application deadline for a particular round of competition. Due consideration is given to periods when applicants are not involved in any type of research activity. Please see the individual fellowship schemes for other fellowship specific eligibility requirements.

It is mandatory that Applicants identify host institutions that are based in India and that are willing to support the Fellowship application.

The designated Host Institution (within India) on the fellowship application must be not-for-profit and must be able to sign up to India Alliance's Award Conditions . Most government-sponsored research institutions and universities in India are not-for-profit.

In addition to being not-for-profit, the chosen host institution(s)s is expected to be financially eligible to receive India Alliance funding, and have key research integrity policies in place.
In order to assess the not-for-profit status of the Host Institution, the Office typically requires:
•  A copy of the registration of the organisation as a Trust/ Society/Section 25 company or if formed under any other statute, then a copy of the notification.

•  A copy of the Memorandum of Association/Deeds/Bye-laws containing the organization’s aims and objectives.

•  A copy of registration as a charitable organisation with the Income Tax Department, with documents such as :Registration Certificate under section 12A or any section under 10 of the Income Tax Act such as 10(23C).
In order to verify the financial eligibility of the host organization, the Office requires:
•  A copy of the latest audited statement of accounts
•  A copy of the latest annual report
In addition to the above, host institutions are also expected to have research integrity policies on the following:
•  Good research practice
•  Scientific misconduct
•  Conflicts of interest and how they are managed
At the time of award, if the host institution does not have the above policies, India Alliance is willing to work with the administration to develop these at the host institution.

Additional information
In general, the India Alliance will not:
• supplement support provided by other funding bodies
•  award grants to cover expenditure already incurred
•  fund individuals who are employed by a commercial organisation
•  fund individuals who are applying for, holding, or employed under a research grant from the tobacco industry
•  make awards to other charities where the sole intention is for that charity to redistribute the funds
India Alliance’s full statement on researchers funded by the tobacco industry can be found here  (under the tab “Researchers funded by the tobacco industry”)